Hebei, a state-owned enterprise Mister after eighteen still not hand accepting property 200 million yuanjiao

Hebei, a state-owned veterans of eighteen still do not accept the hand: accepting bribes 200 million yuan Beirong Investment Group Chairman, party secretary Li Lingcheng Hebei, a former state-owned veterans serious violation involving more than 200 million yuan in October 24th, Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang news (reporter Yan Qilei) Hebei province SASAC held 24 meeting of the province’s state owned system warning education, briefed the meeting on the 9 typical cases, including the Hebei financial investment group chairman, party secretary Li Lingcheng serious violation case. Li Lingcheng violated the laws and regulations of the state, using the convenience of his position, I or through other national staff to seek benefits for others in the business operation, the acquisition of property, involving a total amount of RMB more than 200 million yuan. According to the briefing, Li Lingcheng violation of political discipline, since 2014, together with others, repeatedly accepting the transfer of valuables, take the change of ownership, creditor’s rights, the use of hidden money from Beijing to buy two sets of real estate and huge amounts of money from the initial review organization refused to cooperate, against the organization review. Violating the provisions of the eight Central regulations, entering and leaving the private club and accepting the banquets that may affect the fair implementation of public affairs. Failing to report or report personal matters in violation of organizational discipline. Breach of integrity and discipline, to engage in public service was significantly higher than normal people give gifts. Violation of the work discipline, reporting to the higher level units, should not report the matters to be reported. Violation of life discipline, extravagant life, seeking pleasure, and 3 women and long-term sexual relationship. In violation of state laws and regulations, taking advantage of his position, by himself or other national staff in the field of the business for the benefit of others, for accepting bribes, 2009 and 2014, for accepting bribes totaling 17397.95 million yuan, 80 million, 56.3 million and 5677.565 million worth of calligraphy and painting, a a rhinoceros horn. Among them, Li Lingcheng in the eighteen is still not convergence, no hand, 35 times received 12 people sent a total of 151 million 333 thousand and 400 yuan, 800 thousand dollars, 563 thousand euros and 55 million 879 thousand and 650 yuan worth of calligraphy and painting. Failing to perform the duties correctly will result in serious loss of state-owned assets. Informed that, Li Lingcheng violation of political discipline and the spirit of the eight Central provisions, organization and discipline, honest discipline, discipline, discipline and state laws and regulations, and eighteen of the party still does not converge, not close hand, serious and harsh nature, Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to give Li Lingcheng expelled from the party, dismissed public action, alleged crimes transferred to judicial organs according to law. According to Hebei SASAC relevant person in charge, in accordance with the requirements of comprehensive strict party management, Hebei provincial SASAC continue to increase discipline inspection efforts. Since 2015, the Hebei state owned system at the beginning of the nuclear issue of clues 750, investigation 171, Party discipline 300 people, organizations dealing with 119 people. In the province’s state-owned assets system to create a case must be checked, corruption must be reversed, there will be corruption, the high pressure situation, "four winds" problems and corruption spread momentum has been curbed. More exciting content, welcome to search for WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (Finance).

河北一国企老总十八大后仍不收手:收受财物2亿元北融投集团原董事长、党委书记李令成河北一原国企老总严重违纪 涉案金额超过2亿元新华社石家庄10月24日专电(记者闫起磊)河北省国资委24日召开全省国资系统警示教育大会,会上通报了9起典型案例,其中包括河北融投集团原董事长、党委书记李令成严重违纪案。李令成违反国家法律法规规定,利用职务上的便利,本人或通过其他国家工作人员在企业经营方面为他人谋取利益,索取收受财物涉案金额总计折合人民币超过2亿元。据通报,李令成违反政治纪律,2014年以来,伙同他人多次转移收受的贵重物品,采取变更权属、债权方式,隐匿其使用所收受钱款购买的北京两套房产以及收受的巨额钱款,组织审查初期拒不配合,对抗组织审查。违反中央八项规定精神,出入私人会所并接受可能影响公正执行公务的宴请。违反组织纪律,不报告或不如实报告个人有关事项。违反廉洁纪律,向从事公务的人员赠送明显超出正常礼尚往来的礼金。违反工作纪律,向上级单位报告工作时对应当报告的事项不报告。违反生活纪律,生活奢靡,贪图享乐,与3名女性发生并长期保持不正当性关系。违反国家法律法规规定,利用职务上的便利,本人或通过其他国家工作人员在企业经营方面为他人谋取利益,索取、收受财物,2009年至2014年,索取收受财物共计17397.95万元人民币、80万美元、56.3万欧元及价值5677.565万元的字画、一个犀牛角。其中,李令成在十八大后仍不收敛、不收手,先后35次收受12人所送财物共计15133.34万元人民币、80万美元、56.3万欧元及价值5587.965万元的字画。不正确履行职责,造成国有资产重大损失风险。通报称,李令成违反政治纪律、中央八项规定精神、组织纪律、廉洁纪律、工作纪律、生活纪律和国家法律法规规定,且在党的十八大后仍不收敛、不收手,情节严重、性质恶劣,河北省纪委监察厅给予李令成开除党籍、开除公职处分,涉嫌犯罪问题移送司法机关依法处理。据河北省国资委相关负责人介绍,按照全面从严治党的要求,河北省国资委持续加大纪律审查工作力度。2015年以来,河北国资系统初核问题线索750件,立案调查171件,党政纪处分300人,组织处理119人。在全省国资系统中营造了有案必查、有腐必反、有贪必肃的高压态势,“四风”问题和腐败蔓延势头得到一定遏制。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: