He is a spokesman for domestic violence, but his wife and sweet hand 23 years (Figure) oembios.bin

He is in the family spokesperson, but his wife and sweet hand 23 years (Figure) Feng Yuanzheng and his wife photo ifeng.com entertainment Feng Yuanzheng played in "don’t talk to strangers" in domestic violence husband corner impressed the audience, but in fact he is a good husband loved his wife and son. The day before, he and his wife Liang Danni drying out a photo on micro-blog, and sweet confession: "I meet with you. Twenty-three years is also a hand stand together through storm and stress. In the face of life, we have a heart of Thanksgiving, in the face of business we have a persistent strength, in the face of the future, we still have to hand in hand. I said: it’s good to have you in my life! November 20th, our two festivals!" Feng Yuanzheng and his wife with two couples sweet hand for 23 years, with the photo frame is very sweet, Feng Yuanzheng also drying out the two people of the old childhood photos, causing a blessing. Netizens said: "happiness very complex, so simple." that dog food made me full of happiness "and" 23 years is not easy, China good man". It is reported that Feng Yuanzheng and his wife in childhood, his wife Liang Danni recalled due to play, but after 23 years of marriage with Ding Ke’s life.相关的主题文章: