From the cook noodles to non-invasive prenatal DNA testing technology of Sohu – an interview with Pr punyu

From the cook noodles to non-invasive prenatal DNA testing: an interview with Prof. Lu Yuming – Sohu technology from Harry Porter to get inspiration, many people have heard, but who know that this is caused by the whims of noodles? Please listen to Professor Lu Yuming personally about the invention of non-invasive prenatal DNA testing technology difficult road, and his hot topic in life science many comments: repeatability precision from medical research…… Interview author Ting Lu Yuming, Professor of Chinese University Hong Kong, director of the Institute of Health Sciences. Fellow of the Royal Society, fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, fellow of the Hongkong Academy of sciences. As a non-invasive prenatal DNA testing founder, in September 2016 won the award "the future of science and Life Science Award" and "Thomson Reuters citation laureate award". Thought to see so many titles of the big fellow, to forget how he is to answer How are you, is not the English textbook on the Fine, thank you, and you? The first meeting, Professor Lu very handsome nice handed him his name card. Take a look, Chinese side printed with "Yu Ming? Students?". I want to make my own position in the professor should be very different. Sure enough, the entire interview with Professor Lu are very sincere, kind, to the direction of development of Chinese precision medical, to the students how to cook instant noodles satiety. Of course, the harvest is full Professor Lu to the scientific research enthusiasm and persistence, eight years of war, he finally got breakthrough, the rigorous scientific attitude and strive to do the best. 1 Professor Lu, first of all, I congratulate you on your recent award for "the future science award" and "citation award". We know that these two awards are based primarily on the discovery of fetal free DNA in maternal plasma, and the subsequent development of noninvasive techniques for the detection of life and human health. Scientific discoveries are hard to come by. Can you share with us the process and experience of this scientific discovery? Professor Lu: I was interested in prenatal diagnosis when I was in Oxford. If you want to know when the fetus is not normal, to do some risk testing, such as amniocentesis used. So I was thinking, is it possible to use some safe methods, such as by taking the blood of pregnant women to detect it? So when I was a medical student, I found a professor in Oxford to do research. At the beginning of the time, fetal cell signal is very weak, always can not find a very accurate method, the results of doing it for eight years, from the past 89 years to do for 97 years. This experience is also very tortuous. Because I’m a medical student, I have to be a trainee for a year after graduation. After the internship, I was very interested in this study, to solve the problem, so I decided to return to Oxford to read PhD. At that time, my teacher, he said he could only give me three months of support, and then to find their own scholarship. At that time, overseas students in Oxford to read PhD is very expensive, I would like to fifteen thousand pounds a year. Fortunately, I found four different scholarships, so i!相关的主题文章: