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"Father" Guo Xiaodong wanted a second child exposes not filming on the grocery store – Sohu entertainment "Hey, kids" click to enter [HD Photo stills]   Sohu entertainment news (Zhuang Zixiuwen) directed by Yazhou Yang, Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, Han Qing, Qi Xi starred in the TV series "Hey kid" at present is Zhejiang TV hit. 14 noon, Guo Xiaodong guest starred in WeChat media group, is interviewed. Guo Xiaodong said, his father is in life, his wife is strict mother, but two people are looking forward to having a second child. For good brother Baoqiang Wang, he said that the two have to keep in touch, I also believe that the other party can deal with the family. Guo Xiaodong said that he did not have what ambition, if not to shoot, "may go to a grocery store." A solitary child heart, concerned about the loss of groups in the "Hey, kid", Guo Xiaodong (Qin Shuanzhu), Jiang Wenli (ornaments square rhyme) play alone lost a pair of husband and wife, they want a child, but because of physical reasons and burst. We came up with a rhyme by egg way, this almost crazy thought made Qin Shuanzhu cannot accept, let the middle-aged marriage fall apart. For the filming of the drama, Guo Xiaodong said, is a good team, there is director Yazhou Yang, Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran and other excellent actors, in particular their hope to participate, two is especially love the character set, "a doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology is the lone loss family, two people have many stories worth to explore." He said that the role is very child, but the deeper the more happy child abuse". For the lost group, he has been very concerned about, to the forty or fifty year old lost, very painful, too poor. Because there is no hope…… This pain is a lifetime, can not be diluted. Even a child can’t heal the pain of losing a child." He also said that every scene of his own speech have great amount of information, very heavy, he wanted to consult with the director to change, but the people destined not easy, "the role behind the amount too much information into the heart, too child heart, I want to play every eye full. It is a stop state". The relationship between Guo Xiaodong and Jiang Wenli also feel even a sequel, "you can talk about this relationship, really there are many stories worth studying. I play a lot of content and Wenli sister, director in the impromptu thought out, the director gave us a lot of space to play, is a performance very headstrong, a performance is also very memorable." A father, ready to play on the second Chinese view of parenting, for is not a family must have a child, Guo Xiaodong said: "I think I am a very traditional person, of course I can only represent my own views. I respect the DINK family, and those children who don’t enjoy being single. Life is short, it is a great thing to be true to yourself in a short time. I respect everyone’s choice." As a father in reality he does not agree "and": "the child is not for pension security…… Raising a child is actually a kind of growth of their own, you can re understand the childhood parents of their own kind of care, but also look at their children every day相关的主题文章: