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Face become sharp cosmetic surgery? Comfortable: always on a diet lost 30 pounds and has questioned cosmetic directed by Zhang Guoqing Nie Yuan, [micro-blog], "[micro-blog] starring in such large suspense drama" heart "is like the iron Jiangsu city channel first theater hit. Nie Yuan played the snitch Longma in the play, and comfortable to challenge the fate of the characters of twists and turns of the heroine — little apple if xia. Yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter interviewed comfortable. As a part of the Republic of China time span dramas, stories from the early years of the Republic, to start a new China, tells the story of the last century in 30s, Hubei Henan big son of Wang Qimei accidentally abducted 20 years without a word. Police chief Yan Fei broke the skillful Longma snitch for spying on the king, is evidence of collusion and anti espionage, Longma is the son of the king sent pretending to sneak into the Wangs, so as to find out the hidden years not to be divulged secret, also launched a treasure guardian story. The plot is compact, mystery with the story of a little bit of water. Who work with Nie Yuan Zhang Jizhong [micro-blog] version of "journey to the west" free, "Tang" and "daughter of the king" the play scenes, full understanding. You said he played "little apple" image is very complex, "from the bottom of a small girl until it became a king of the mountain. Sometimes gentle touching, sometimes very challenging valiant and heroic in bearing." The child star debut at ease, because of the TV series "secret history" in our lady donggo corner fans deep heart. Recently, it was found that the face becomes more and more comfortable, with the impression of Dong Han imperial concubine is not the same. For cosmetic supremacy, comfortable said, "actually I have been deliberately lose weight, than this time last year, lost about 30 pounds. Faded baby fat, the state will be better." Because the success of thin, easy to find, last year to buy Skirts have to change the small two yards to wear. Yangzi Evening News (reporter Zhang Nan: commissioning editor commander Lee)相关的主题文章: