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Dragon banknote prices fell as the first weekend hunters after the holiday, Jilin province Changchun, Mr. Secretary in his spare time to the antique city. The four floor of the antique city, mainly to operate a variety of stamps, coins based, where mr.. In a shop counter, showing a 2000 issue of the face value of 100 yuan to greet the new century commemorative banknotes, which is generally referred to as the industry, the Dragon notes". "What is the current price of long note?" Mr. Secretary asked. When the owner told reporters that the market price is 1500 yuan to between $1600 to $1800, the individual number is relatively good single sheet of dragon note price in about. Mr. Secretary after listening to be surprised, because he single long money market consulting in the three months before the trend, the market price is still hovering above $2000 at the time, this means that in just 3 months time, single long notes market price already fell 20%. Since the last six months, the overall market is not good collection market, almost all varieties are falling. Because of the high concern of the Dragon notes, coupled with the recent price trend is indeed relatively poor, so particularly interesting." Changchun City booklet franchise stores manager Yang Xiujun told the securities times reporter. It is understood that the commemorative banknotes is a country in order to commemorate the event of a special issue of a legal tender. China issued commemorative banknotes history is short, has issued a total of 3 varieties, respectively, was released on 1999 in denominations of 50 yuan "the 50 anniversary commemorative banknotes issued in 2000, the face value of 100 yuan commemorative banknotes to meet the new century, the 2008 issue of the value of 10 yuan" the twenty-ninth Olympic Games commemorative banknotes". The commemorative banknotes to meet the new century in the 2000 issue of time is the dragon in the new millennium, it is commonly known as "dragon notes" or "Millennium Dragon". "Long Chao is a very special coin, it is China’s first Renminbi history of plastic money, has a special historical significance, because of its special cultural attributes, beautifully designed, therefore has been favored by collectors." Jilin collectors association Wei Hongyu said. Long notes issued in 2000, once the industry continued to be sought after, single long notes market prices had reached a high of 3800 yuan in 2011, but at the end of 2011 shows in less than a month in the extreme market fell nearly 30% of the trend. After the vast majority of the time, the market price of a single long note is more than 2000 yuan in shock, during which had fallen below $2000. 2014, in 2015, the impact of the electronic disk storage factors, the market price of single sheet of banknotes was close to 4000 yuan. But from September 2015 and October, a single long notes market prices also weakened again. In the face of the price has been a large decline in the long note, the secretary is quite heart, and the impulse to buy a shot. But at the same time worried about their own prices will decline after buying. "The collection of long notes has been relatively saturated, combined with the overall poor collection market, early speculation.相关的主题文章: