Daughter owed 700 thousand debt is not willing to say the reasons for their parents to sell their de winavi video converter

Daughter owed 700 thousand of the debt is not willing to say the reason for the sale of their parents to pay their debts recently, the public is very worried about mr.. I do not know why, 24 year old daughter suddenly big debts, even want to commit suicide. In order to pay for his daughter, Mr. Huang is ready to sell their own struggle to buy a house for most of their lives, but the money is not enough. Mr. Huang and his wife to do a little business, it is difficult to save some savings, the year before last, the couple bought a house in Caidian, her daughter also rented a facade in the vicinity of the mall, clothing business. The thought of a good day just to start, but a few days ago a phone call, Mr. Huang into endless pain. The phone is a friend of the call, said Mr. Huang daughter everywhere to borrow money, ask what is going on. Moment, Mr. Wong felt the sky collapsed. He found his daughter, repeatedly asked that she started from July and August last year, to banks, relatives and friends and private lending institutions to borrow money. Regardless of how the husband and wife asked Mr. Huang, her daughter did not say why the specific borrowing, in the end how much borrowed. Mr. Huang had in the clothing store and home phone, waiting for the creditors to take the initiative to contact. A week ago, according to the call, Mr. Huang statistics of the total debt has been as high as nearly 700 thousand yuan. In his eyes, the only daughter is an independent child, after graduating from college, has been doing odd jobs around, then the friends and relatives by just opened a clothing store. Where is the money? Daughter refused to say, the couple do not understand. Mr. Huang said, now, daughter of emotional instability, many want to commit suicide, they can only be closely watching her child at home, business can do. He wanted to sell the house to pay the debt, the house can now sell 550 thousand yuan in Caidian, if the loan is still only $300 thousand, the amount is not enough. "Anyway, my daughter is still young, I have to help her through this." Mr. Huang said, eyes pan tears. Concerned about the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gift sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: