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Coin collection, which is now a large appreciation of the renminbi space, the money market is very prosperous, especially the various types of rare coins in the auction site is unlimited scenery, auction prices hit a new high. With nearly two years of coin collection market continues to heat up, the coin collection is not only a Masaoki become a kind of investment. Compared with other collectibles, coin collection popular, because of low barriers to entry, or a large space, by many ordinary collectors of all ages. Currently issued a total of five sets of RMB, in addition to the fourth set, the fifth set is still in circulation, the other three sets have been gradually withdrawn from the stage of history. In the circulation of these three sets of RMB, the first set and the second set of RMB because of the long history, and its historical significance behind, can be said to be the most expensive. The collection of third yuan is slowly hot, is a collection of the most potential. The following Xiaobian take you to see the appreciation of the renminbi. The first set of RMB first set of RMB in December 1, 1948 –1953 in succession in December. Because there was a serious inflation and rising prices, so the first set of RMB has not issued coins, there is no issue of metal currency. In addition, the first set of RMB also no watermark, anti-counterfeiting effect is poor. In view of the first issue of RMB time and circulation time is less than 7 years, is currently the shortest circulation time of a set of RMB, has become the collection on the market, the least amount of surviving of the most difficult set of rmb. But the first set of varieties of the yuan, the printing level is very different, the effect of poor security. Some see in the market of the so-called genuine if the price is too cheap to be true words. Full set of 80% new phase of the first set of RMB, the current price is close to one million yuan, and now, a full set of the market price of the product has exceeded $4 million. Second sets of RMB second yuan in March 1, 1955 –1962 year after year in succession issue in April 20th. In order to change the first set of RMB denomination is too large, to improve the printing quality, to further improve China’s monetary system, the people’s Bank of Chinese since March 1, 1955 issued second yuan to recover the first set of rmb. Second sets of RMB and the first set of RMB equivalent ratio: 1 yuan equal to $10 thousand. The second set of RMB has become the first complete and exquisite currency in China, which has played an important role in perfecting China’s monetary system and promoting socialist economic construction. At present the full set of the latest price has reached 390 thousand yuan. The second set of RMB currency star "black ten": the two set of RMB in notes Wang face value of ten yuan, called "black ten" because it is the color is black, calm atmosphere, white edge it is wide, and is called the big white edge. It is printed on behalf of the former Soviet Union, but also in the collection of gold on the market in the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union in the three yuan a. At the time of the big black ten, Jinggangshan three yuan, five yuan is the former Soviet Union printing, known as Su three coins. This special historical background also gives them an unusual collection value. Large black ten collectors, market prices have gradually increased, but because the price is too high and with a certain risk. Currently)相关的主题文章: