Chinese and American education to see the difference between the United States and the classroom are winavi

The Sino US education class are different if the United States is taboo what behavior according to the relevant institutions in recent years were introduced, students are expelled from the case, 57.56% of the students because of poor academic performance, while 22.98% of the students because of academic dishonesty caused. So don’t think to get the prestigious offer Everything will be fine.! Study abroad do not destroy these things! Poor academic performance not only refers to the final exam, don’t forget the foreign examination results but the usual performance greatly in not included in the assessment, you play a last-minute game can hold Curve Wrecker thigh clearance, no use, classroom performance usually decides to leave you. These with foreign classroom full of sense of violation and habit or throw away as early as possible! 1 class sleeping in China, the students in the class secretly sleep, a little nap is not uncommon, wake up to keep up with the idea of a professor. But in the United States, the vast majority of professors believe that students sleep in class is the most impolite behavior. This is especially true of American universities, which are particularly focused on teaching authority. So, remember the most important thing: To study in the United States, do not sleep in class! 2 do not seriously listen to the students speak normally, the United States professor that class discussions and assignments, papers, quizzes and exams as important. The professor wants you to respond to what other students say (not just what the professor says). A lot of discussions with the course of the roommate roommate evaluation scores, this does not respect the behavior of students to make you pay the price in the evaluation. Therefore, in the United States, the students to learn to listen to the students to speak. This is a respect for other students and can help you get new ideas from other students. In the 3 class to keep silence in China to go to school, the results usually depend on the final exam. But in the United States, grades are made up of many components, including classroom participation. The last question is that classroom discussions in the United States are important. If you don’t talk in class, the professor will think you are not interested in the course or you are not prepared. At the same time, because the professor is far more than the domestic jurisdiction of the final results, this "invisible man" will make the professor ignore your existence, always secretly efforts, but not their own domestic students actively suffer. So, attention, homework and actively participate in the discussion in class is to get good results in the United States king. 4 although late in China is not accepted, but the United States professor more than Chinese professors. In China, whether the student is good or not depends on the end of the semester. But in the United States, your relationship with the professor is also critical. Because they may give you a letter of recommendation, an internship, a scholarship, and other opportunities for you. Therefore, it is very important to get the approval of the professor, of course, this means that the class should be on time. Although, being late is not as serious as sleeping in class, but it still makes the professor feel that it is a kind of performance that you don’t respect and care about. 5 class with a cell phone is, American students will use mobile phones to send information and play games, but many professors feel that this is a very rude behavior相关的主题文章: