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Chen Yifei "Hello Joe Anne" two wheel hit up the queen before expanding many sister layout entertainment Sohu Chen Yifei "Hello Joe Anne" character posters and Qi Wei Chen is also flying Sohu entertainment news this summer, by the strength of actor Chen Yifei partner Qi Wei metrosexual man starring urban inspirational drama "Hello Joe Anne" thermal explosion screen, also let Chen Yifei harvest "Earth’s first" reputation, and by virtue of "Lu Yuanyang" atypical overbearing president in a corner of a budding male god, ushered in the popularity and reputation of the double harvest. The majority of the fans is very pleased, "hello", Joanne before landing Shenzhen satellite TV, "two star" is still leading the audience to chase drama boom, many netizens said: "love to see the" Earth’s first "fancy up the queen!" "Hello Jo Ann" focused career and love, played by Chen Yifei Lu Yuanyang, a strong bully does not play by the rules, the seemingly high cold but affectionate is atypical and Qi Wei as president, between the new workplace Joanne simmering rivalry from the workplace to the family, opened a cat and mouse game, "pa" and "Queen" love to kill you can simply use the "one hundred thousand turn back the glint and flash of cold steel", describe. In the early summer premiere with Chen Yifei during the high yen value in high altitude and high IQ not only play in the capture of "Queen" Qi Weixin, but also gain numerous fans, the two round hit once again be "fan Mei" territory wantonly expansion, some netizens commented: "to let" the seventh "attracted to men of God, don’t say the appearance and temperament, the walk with the wind field is more than two meters eight!" From "MVP" to the stars "lover" and "dancing miracle", from "33 days" to the "second time" to today’s "hello" Joanne Chen Yifei, a step by step popularity is rising, accumulate steadily, also joined the earlier heavy hot IP "reckless waste Ji". I believe that with the "hello" Joanne two round hit, more sure his acting strength can get the audience and the industry, will bring you more surprise.相关的主题文章: