Artist Cao Yong won the award for outstanding Chinese American artist

Artist Cao Yong won the world outstanding Chinese American artist award with the glory of the rise of great powers and the "China Belt and Road Initiative" further steps, attention and focus China, has become the world from politics to economy, big topic and fresh air from the economy to the field of culture is. Sponsored by the United States The Joy Luck Club "world outstanding Chinese American artist honor ceremony" was held in the Losangeles industrial city Palm Springs Hotel on the evening of October 8th. Activities in recognition of the internationally renowned Chinese American painter Cao Yong and other four world-class American artists. The United States congressman Grace Napolitano, San Gabriel, ourat City, walnut, La Habra heights mayor, JarveeHutcherson, President of the American Hollywood multicultural Film Association from the United States, Taiwan and other regions of the Chinese and China artists and celebrities, political and business people from all walks of life to participate in the day of the grand campaign on behalf of 500 people. The famous painter Cao Yong, excitedly said after the award, the award, not only let the world pay more attention to Chinese, more important is to let the depths of the soul of a life to the world more information, people of different ethnic groups. Each person’s life, including the culture of each nation, only in the intersection of mutual integration, in order to burst the dazzling light and warmth and care, due to the common human goodness, to which we perceive, that feeling and emotion, and through individual and group communication, passed to the more people in the hearts of the world. I believe that the world will become more and more peaceful, more and more beautiful. Cao Yong, a famous Chinese artist in the United States, graduated from the Art Department of Henan University in 1983. He went to Tibet to teach in the Art Department of University of Tibet after graduation. In 7 years in Tibet, he visited Tibet, the temple cave, mountain, lake, copying many murals, paintings, created a "search", "Qi Gang Buddha Renbu" series of paintings of faults. In Tibet this piece of magnificent land, Cao Yong found the art and spirit and his essence of life, he will own experiences and insights into his unique style of "Tibet paintings", these works is the crystallization of Cao Yong in Tibet seven years of life and art blend. Critics believe that this group of deep exploration of the universe, human nature and religion, represents a new height of Chinese surrealist painting. He has gone beyond the realm of stunning paintings of political, cultural and spiritual category. The artist and the whole human beings are deeply thought about the exploration of the universe, life, human nature and religion. 7 years later, Cao Yong took the indelible life experiences in Tibet, away from home, going to japan. After a difficult start to the years, set up their own C& G mural production company. In recent years, Cao Yong’s mural decoration in Japan many fashionable city buildings, high-end commercial buildings and important places, become a scenic city in Japan, Cao Yong was recognized as Japan’s most prestigious mural masters. At the same time, Cao Yong has never stopped his oil painting, painting has so far the best theme of Tibet oil painting and a large number of India, Nepal reflects the social customs of the works. good相关的主题文章: