Liu Ye took a 21 minute live Ni Na delineated 3 million 400 thousand box office 残清1864

Liu Ye took a 21 minute live Ni Na delineated 3 million 400 thousand box office entertainment news Sina fire Chinese President Liu Ye [micro-blog] has always been good to promote their work with the new features of micro-blog. In late September 13th 9, Liu Ye took his son to a daughter, Ni Na in micro-blog live, because of Liu Ye’s two film "murderer" is "my war" will be released in September 14th and September 15th respectively, two little guys also invited the audience to see the film in french". After the broadcast, Liu Ye also launched a red envelope in micro-blog, just 21 minutes of fans quickly 34 thousand total value of 400 thousand yuan tickets looted, successfully delineated 3 million 400 thousand box office (Note: each order can be used over 2 tickets, each ticket in 50 yuan). Liu Ye Liu Ye with the baby live a Ni Na "movie" invited French because the broadcast began relatively late, left and right side Liu Ye nestled in a Ni Na seems to have a little tired. But the two little guys mention dad, but seriously invite the audience to watch movies in french". Just friends think this is the two child in the initiative to help dad share, the side of the Nobel and spilled the mouth: "if we work hard, there will be chocolate." Liu Ye with a Ni Na live in addition to help dad "call" film, it does not stop a mouth about his new Mongolian language and Shandong dialect, and father Liu Ye teach Ni Na said the sound of children. Two little guys and generous to the audience with his collection of contraband". A not only come up with their own "said deformation deformation but also out of shells" of the robot, but also to screen "uncle aunt" to introduce their own "faster than the BMW car" "can go to one hundred and eight thousand so far" car. Shy Ni Na will come up with their own a valuable key, also hold to the new pet small adorable dog, but the dog home, the day was not in a good mood, in Liu Ye’s body hair temper.相关的主题文章: