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Xi Jinping will attend the G20 summit in Hangzhou   "Chinese brand" release bonus Huimin – Politics – people.com.cn August 15th, Ministry of foreign affairs chairman Xi Jinping presided over the twenty leaders of the group of eleventh summit held a media briefing (reporter Yang Mu photo) on September 4th to 5, the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the eleventh summit will be held in China Hangzhou. President Xi Jinping will host the summit welcome ceremony, opening ceremony, closing ceremony, 5 session of more than and 10 events, together with other parties to discuss the world economic cooperation, join the global development effort. As the G20 summit in Hangzhou, the president of the country, China is building a world able to make the "stage" for global economic cooperation, explore the world hopes of strong economic growth momentum and direction of international economic cooperation expectations. This is the meeting of wind and clouds international economic order prospects given what the answer? Relevant experts accept the people’s Daily reporter, said that China will actively put forward new ideas such as innovation, structural reform, so that the world to hear more voices in the East, but also pave the way for developing countries. China will further gather consensus at home, the release of dividends, the butterfly effect on the lives of ordinary people. Contribution of Chinese wisdom how to propose new solutions for global governance? Since 2013, from St Petersburg, Russia, Brisbane, Australia, and then to Turkey, Xi Jinping, chairman of the 3 consecutive G20 leaders summit, and has delivered an important speech on behalf of the. The three speech, Xi Jinping talked about the overall situation of the world economy to judge, and for the recovery of the world economy, to improve the global governance of China’s proposal. "In September next year, I will welcome you at the Bank of West Lake." On November 30, 2015, Xi Jinping’s speech on the eleventh summit of the group of leaders of the group of twenty was full of sincere invitation. This year, the G20 summit monsoon finally blew to Hangzhou. Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance executive dean Wang Wen on people.com.cn reporter said, this is the first time Chinese to host the G20 summit, is the first Chinese guide and presided over the global governance of the top-level design; is the biggest event China public diplomacy in recent years, will also be a China show the most important in the international arena. Through the G20 Hangzhou summit, China will contribute to the world’s wisdom of governance in china. The construction of an open world economy, promote innovation and development, to achieve linkage growth, put forward the "The Belt and Road" initiative, led the establishment of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, promote the establishment of the new BRICs development bank…… Chinese philosophy and action to further enrich the connotation of G20 cooperation, innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive bearer, in order to promote global economic growth, to ensure the implementation of the country’s proposed program. Hangzhou summit related agenda was announced on August 15th. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the world economic and political Global Governance Research Office Deputy Director Huang Wei pointed out that "at this year’s G20 summit, Chinese complete thinking in the design on the agenda of the summit, hoping to share experience with other countries China economic governance." As the host, China invited a number of developing countries including ASEAN Member States to participate in the meeting,相关的主题文章: