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2016IFA Preview: a large number of new household appliances intelligent machine is approaching 2016 IFA consumer electronics exhibition will be held in September 7th in Berlin Germany in September 2nd, from all over the world life appliance brand will bring the latest product appearance again, a large number of new machines will appear in the world of media reporters "flash". The current IFA consumer electronics show, will show a smart, interconnected, comfortable, easy to operate, healthy cooking, sustainability, resource conservation, energy saving and saving time and other trends. Global home appliance brands gathered in the IFA exhibition at this year’s IFA show, the world’s friends can see the rich variety, a wide range of household electrical appliances. Among them, everyone including dishwasher, washing machine, electric drum dryer, oven, cooker, hood, electric steamer, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and equipment to improve indoor air quality; household appliances include automatic coffee machine, foam machine, electric kettle, bread, roast tool mixer and a series of production food. In addition, there are many brands will display the latest personal care and living environment appliances. Such as air purifiers, hanging ironing machine, sweeping robot and floor care appliances and smart wearable devices, etc.. Life appliances: the more intelligent, energy-efficient annual consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany and the United States CES consumer electronics show, are very impressive. In this year’s consumer electronics show in Berlin, we will be able to see the major brands to bring more intelligent, energy-efficient new products, as well as the experience of an endless stream of dazzling human nature. In life, the fresh air is what we do every day. However, when the air is not good, most of the small partners will open the air purifier to improve the indoor environment, clean air after filtration. The air purifier provided by enterprises in product selection range more widely, although the domestic implementation of the new national standard air purifier, but it can better plan for this industry, let China and foreign manufacturers more actively develop high-quality products. The new air purifier not only higher CADR value, CCM value is improved, the noise of products smaller, more energy-efficient. They can meet user purifying indoor formaldehyde, PM2.5 and sterilization function, due to the addition of intelligent elements, air purifier products more and more support for APP interactive operation, even if you go out in the outside, it can also according to your set procedure to purify indoor air, let your air quality, humidity and temperature etc. the numerical solution at you, as long as the mobile phone operation, the air purifier can work accurately according to the instruction. Today, the global air quality problem is still grim, many countries are planning a treatment plan, and the air purifier has become a new choice of anti haze home users, this year, at the IFA exhibition or air purifier is the key. When you enjoy the delicious, how little coffee with hot production equipment (coffee machine) has been very popular in life, in addition to the coffee business, the new trend of tea producers is also very concerned about the coffee machine and other equipment. Now, automatic coffee machine, capsule coffee machine, traditional coffee filter manufacturers, in.相关的主题文章: