Li Liting, the godfather of the ·, the heroine of spider man queer as folk

Marvel Godfather Stan · Li Liting version of "Spider Man" actress Zandaya Tencent entertainment news (text toot) in the marvel studios and SONY jointly build the "spider man: back to school season" (Spider-Man: Homecoming), although Tom · Holland played version of spider man is very popular, but Disney drew Zandaya play the heroine Marie Jane Watson, · · it has attracted a lot of questions, because in the comic book Marie Jane Watson · · is a white, like Daya is a black star. For questioned on Zandaya, recently had a hand written "Spider Man" of the marvel Godfather Stan · Li, also came out in support of the actress. "If Zandaya like I heard that good, then I think she played the role of no problem." Stan ·, Li Zai told the Toronto sun, said: "their skin color is not important, their religious beliefs are not important, the most important thing is to find the most suitable actor for the role." In Stan · Li publicly expressed support, "the Milky Way guard" (Guardians of the Galaxy) director James · Gunn has expressed Zandaya support: "in my opinion, an actor is the most important attitude, which is more important than their skin color, hair color, skin color and color are superficial. I think the most important thing about Marie · Jane is her lively nature, the most important thing to do is to hold on to it. I even think Zandaya is most consistent with Marie · the main features of Jane, she is very tall, with a figure of a model, I think Zandaya plays Marie · Jane, even more than any previous role she played are more appropriate." Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: