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Liaoning Beijing archaeological discoveries: Qidan ancient east of the capital to Beijing – in respect Liaoning Beijing archaeological discoveries: the ancient east of the capital to the new agency for the statue and the historical literature is broadly similar in October 7 Chifeng Xinhua (reporter Li Aiping) Chinese Institute of archaeology researcher Dong Xinlin said in Chifeng on 7, this year on the ancient capital of the South Gate – Liaoning Beijing Miyagi excavation proved that as the capital city planning to the East is the first, and is broadly similar to historical records. Beijing Liao site, located in Inner Mongolia Chifeng city Bahrain territory Alashanzuoqi, founded in 918, is the capital of grassland use for the longest time in the history of Chinese, Chinese is currently stored in good condition of the ancient capital site of. The archaeological excavations by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Archaeology and the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Institute of cultural relics and archaeology. Dong Xinlin refers to the latest archaeological discovery, Liaoning Beijing south gate is a doorway in Miyagi, Miyagi and last excavated the east gate and East Gate of the imperial city were a three pattern, the east gate of the larger, higher level. On the basis of archaeologists confirmed: Liaoning Beijing at the beginning of the construction of capital city planning is to east to the central axis for the layout of the city, and is broadly similar to historical records. Dong Xinlin told News Agency reporters in an interview, the excavation of the Liao Shangjing palace gate, also for the study of ancient China door system, especially providing valuable information for the study on the door. (end)相关的主题文章: