Huang Xiaoming with the fans to send crabs to walk the red carpet, super warm heart (video) jcuv是什么车

Huang Xiaoming with the fans to send crabs to walk the red carpet, super warm heart Tencent entertainment news the evening of November 5th, Huang Xiaoming issued a long article in micro-blog, thanked the fans for 16 years never abandon. Huang Xiaoming said fans and so many years have gone beyond the relationship between actors and fans, more like relatives and friends. Fans to send gifts, they will be proud to take away, because they are sent to the family, can only be around. The text is as follows: years ago, Ming gave Zhang wrote a manifesto, intended to recommend me to play Yang Guo, was also because of Mingjiao encouragement, let me play "(" the mainland version The legend of Condor Hero Louis Koo Andy Lau edition version) this classic play with confidence. But many people may not know, like Helen of Troy and Yang Guo agreed 16 year later, we also have a "about 16 years", but this agreement has nothing to do life and death, only to love and companionship. This year, I have been working for 16 years, in November 6th, I will follow. In fact, every year there is such a day spent with you, is a habit. All together one home, talk about life, laugh, noisy. 16 years, let us already beyond the actors and fans, more like relatives, friends. I still remember the two more than and 70 year old grandmother for many years in Japan specially from Japan came to our party, but because of distance, you have many people to sit more than and 30 hours of hard seat train arrived, you even do public welfare donation certificate gave me for my birthday, I agree that "the charity has become a habit, this also makes the first time I have to own responsibility and relief. These things I thought that can only be proud to carry you to send crabs walk the red carpet, carrying you to send the pomegranate to catch a plane, because it is sent to the family, to be with you. The wind and rain on this road, you are stronger than me. Whenever a deep self doubt, or when it is under pressure, always feel from your strength, this "armor" let me bravely and make unremitting efforts. Perhaps some of the choices have been too hasty or the outcome is not perfect, but you also like family members to understand, support, I have a mind in mind. The most precious thing in the world, is the time to let us understand the things. Anyway, no matter how many 16 years in the future, at least, the dream is still, the situation is still, so, afraid of what? We meet on the way ~ Huang Xiaoming funded leukemia girl died: try not to keep you相关的主题文章: