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Provident fund business to the public and offsite loans were halted – Anhui Channel – People’s network in October 2nd issued a restriction order in Hefei, along with the contents of the loan limit. October 9th, Jianghuai morning news, JAC network reporter learned from the major banks, the loan limit has been basically implemented in place, the first suite down payment from 2.5 to mention the minimum of up to 3, you can enjoy a certain interest rate discount. Provincial provident fund management center issued a notice to stop the purchase of third Suites housing provident fund loans, while stopping the transfer of public lending business, stop issuing housing provident fund loans. The bank’s first suite Shoufu minimum to 3 in Hefei according to the "restriction" policy, Hefei to implement differentiated housing credit policy, the first suite of urban households to adjust the minimum down payment ratio is 30%; with 1 sets of housing and non housing loans (including loans recorded in the field records, the same below), have the 1 set of housing and the corresponding purchase loans have been settled, but there is no real record of 1 home loans, the minimum down payment ratio was 40%; with 1 sets of housing and housing loans outstanding, once again to improve the living conditions for commercial housing loans to individuals to purchase housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 50%. Pause to have 2 or more housing city residence households, have 1 or more housing or unable to provide the date of purchase before 2 years in the city to pay more than 1 year continuous monthly personal income tax or social insurance that non city residence households issued commercial housing loans to individuals. Financial regulators should strengthen the supervision and inspection of commercial banks to implement differentiated housing credit policy, and urge commercial banks to strictly check the source of the first payment of the purchase of funds. In October 9th, Chinese bank, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, merchants bank, Minsheng Bank and other bank loan center are said to have raised the proportion of down payment, the first suite Shoufu minimum 3, many banks are down 3 to 7% off interest rates, agricultural bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank said Shoufu 5 the highest can get 10 percent off discount. Chinese bank, China Everbright Bank and Merchants Bank in the latest preferential rates notice. The 1 million 500 thousand house Shoufu 75 thousand implementation of the Hefei city limit credit policy in addition to increase the proportion of the first fangshoufu for the latest changes, and the rest of the early August revealed part of the bank credit limit "overweight" are basically the same, but the form of a document made clear requirements. There are 1 suites or no room for the city, but there are more than 2 times and loan records, more than 1 or more than the settlement of the loan stopped. To buy the first suite just need to say, a set of 1 million 500 thousand houses, previously required to prepare at least $375 thousand down payment, now requires a minimum of 450 thousand down payment, down payment on the need for more than $75 thousand. "Business to the public provident fund loans in different places and" full stop in October 9th, the Hefei municipal housing fund management center and the provincial housing fund management center issued a notice respectively, and strictly control the provident fund loans, "the family name already has 2 sets of housing workers to buy third homes, stop payment of housing provident fund loans. Stop the "business to the public" loan industry相关的主题文章: