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Outdoors El Paso offers plenty of things to do and see for its tourists from great shopping opportunities to spectacular museums to fun zoos. Whether you are visiting El Paso with family or your loved ones or with office colleagues, our handy guide of the best hotels here help make staying easier for you! The El Paso Zoo This zoo might be a little smaller as compared to other zoos located in the U.S. but it is a must-see in your itinerary. With an accommodating staff that makes you feel truly welcomed, plenty of wildlife to explore as well as local bands playing the kind of music you like this is a perfect place to visit with family and friends! Most of the El Paso, TX Hotels provide a fine blend of good service and cheap deals. You can also check out for some Discount Rates for El Paso Motels in order to save money. Museums The National Border Patrol Museum has plenty of vehicles on display used by USBP agents. Beside this place there is also an archaeology museum that has various kinds of interesting artifacts. The place is so beautiful and interesting to look at, that you could spend an entire day browsing here! If you are looking for accommodations situated near the airport there are many El Paso Airport Hotels nearby. The El Paso Hilton is for those who dont mind splurging a little on their staying experience. Factory outlets The El Paso Saddle blanket is a one of a kind store which has almost everything you could possibly wish for! They have a wide range of fine pottery, blankets as well as rugs inside the store. So if youre in the mood for some shopping and wish for variety then this is the place for you! If you want to experience some Worry-free Reservations in Texas then be sure to look around for discounted deals in advance. The Camino Real Hotel, El Paso, TX is not that cheap but it offers you a good comfortable stay here. Historical sites The Chamizal National Memorial is a nice place to go to if you like exploring historical sites and revisiting the past. You could watch their small movie of 15 minutes that showcases the establishment of this place. Whether you are with family, friends or kids, you can be sure that this place will delight them all! The Marriott Hotels in El Paso are a good choice for some high end staying experiences. The Hotel Wyndham El Paso is also a good choice in terms of staying options. Golf courses The lush greenery of golf courses is a staple sight. However if you want something different then the Painted Dunes Golf Course has exciting sand dunes and flora right from the deserts here! This golf course has been established in central Texas and is a rare treat to behold. In terms of staying options the Embassy Suite El Paso is a good choice. The Hotel Salou El Paso is also a good option if you want a cost effective and comfortable stay. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: