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Real-Estate Why to invest in property in India? This is a primary factor which confronts non-resident Indians while they mull over any kind of investment options in their homeland. They may have been under the apprehension that the real estate scenario in India is not very much conducive to a risk-free investment. Of course, property market has borne the brunt of the economic slump. But that was not a phenomenon particular to India alone; rather it was a global malady that has had its toll. But Indian market is recuperating from the malaise and is back in the saddle and is estimably poised for a quantum leap in the coming years. Urbanization is taking place at an alarming rate and it is estimated that by 2020, nearly 60 percent of the population will concentrate in the urban centres. This augurs well for investment in urban development and residential and commercial properties in urban centres. Viewed in a different perspective, it is wise to invest in commercial as well as residential properties in India now. You might wonder why the significance now. Well, it is owing to the growing commercial concentration in this region of the globe. It has been declared by economic and marketing experts across the global spectrum that this centurys primary growth region is Asia. India, being a major power in the region, has emerged as international market hub. In resonance with the growing commercial significance of the region, the caravan of international corporations have entered India and opened shops here. This has all the more augmented the property appreciation in the urban locations of India. In this scenario, it is prudent to invest in property in India as it will have considerable appreciation in the coming years. Hence, I would say that you should buy commercial as well as residential property in India now. You should invest in property in India , not just because of the reasons I have stated before, but due to other reasons also. With an unpredictable stock-market and sensex, investment in shares and securities is never risk-free. Among the various investment options, property investment in the current scenario and under the projected prospects seems lucrative and risk-free. Also, as per the IMF studies, the Indian economy will have a higher growth rate in the coming years. This has ushered in a new momentum to the property market in India. Further, international consultancy experts have come out with the finding that in the coming years there will be a great demand for middle-income-level residential units in India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: