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Constructive And Fundamental Guidelines On Domain Name Registration Procedure Posted By: Vivek Jain Domain Name Registration Domain Name Registration You Will Need A Domain Name And A Hosting Company Where Your Domain Will Be Housed. Posted By: A. Cooper How Do I Buy A Domain Name? Almost every business now owns a domain name. It doesn’t matter if they are using it for e-mail or for an entire website, a domain name is a "must have". Your domain name is the internet address that your potential customers and visitors will use to get to your website. A powerful domain name will increase your exposure in search engine results. These days, thousands upon thousands of websites are being launched every day. It can seem like a challenging process but with the right company, it can be quite simple. You will need a domain name AND a hosting company where your domain will be housed. What you shouldn’t do when you decide to get a domain name is choose the wrong hosting company to purchase your domain name. You may think that by choosing one of the "big" companies you think you are saving money in the long run, you could be very wrong. Saving a couple of dollars on a registration is a way that many of these firms will lure you into signing up with domain name purchase domain name how to claim a domain name how to buy a website domain domain name ownership buy domain name domain name registr buy domain name How Can I Privately Register My Domain Name? Posted By: Jass Sawhney Domain name domain registration domain search domains Domain name Choosing The Best Domain Host For Your Website Posted By: NPSIS Oscommerce Web Hosting ZenCart Hosting Web Hosting Plesk Oscommerce Web Hosting Domain Name Registration Process Step By Step Guide Posted By: Register web domain Register a Domain Register Domain Register Website Register a Domain The Importance Of A Private Domain Name Registration Posted By: Marcus Fei When you have decided to build a website, it is a very good idea that you also think of registering a private domain name. There are so many web hosts available on the internet today. Most of these use private domain names, which is only the first reason you should think about going private. In order to have a successful website, you want to make sure it appears to be legitimate. Those who decide to use public domains rather than purchasing their own web hosting are failing to do everything to make their webpage successful. Many visitors to public domain names see the site as something that has created as a hobby rather than a real business. They are not likely to take your site seriously and may just think it’s just another blog. Registering a private domain name with a web hosting service can work wonders for your website. It can also keep your privacy protected. If you use a free site builder for your web presence, you can register your private domain name as soon as you complete the design. You will be given the option to use a public or private hosting website builder domain name registration free domain online website builder website hosting Wildcard Ssl Certificates: Posted By: tanyas Many websites have sub domains. Each sub domain focuses on a different aspect of the business. A Wildcard SSL Certificates provides virtually the same functions and security that any regular SSL certificate provides. A wildcard SSL Certificate comes in handy if many of your sub domains require security. A wildcard SSL certificate protects many of your sub domains along with the Main domain. The validation process of the wildcard SSL certificate is the same as that of a regular one. The main difference between the two is that a regular certificate protects only your main domain but a Wildcard certificate protects the sub domains as well. For example if a website "" has many sub domains then using a regular domain will not protect the sub domains. It will only protect the main domain which is . In order to protect the sub domains, one would have to have a wildcard SSL certificate. Why is it important to secure sub domains? A sub domain is normally seen as a separate website that is hosted under the main domain.domain name private domain name registration domain name domain name What A Catchy Domain Name Can Do For Your Business Posted By: Dave Kothstein domain domain name private domain name domain Things To Consider Before Registering A Domain Name Posted By: Francis Murphy registering a domain name how to register domain name registering a domain name Domain Name Registration Process – Basic Guide Posted By: Robert Dobes If you are hesitating to read this article, you may surely miss some important information about domain name registration. Several articles on this subject could be found on the net but the advantage of this write-up is that it’s simple and easy to understand. This article provides you with great info on domain name registration. What is a domain name anyway? Domain names are the familiar web addresses (i.e. ) that web browsers use to locate a particular website. Domain names, in fact, are pointers to a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address (it is an address servers use to locate each other) and we use them for a simple reason. They are more descriptive and easier to remember than an IP addresses which are presented in just a bunch of numbers (i.e. 125.416.28.7) The Domain Name Registration process If you want to purchase a domain name, first you need to find a registrar who will process the domain name registration. Currently there are hundreds of registrars you can use. To see the full list of accredited domain name registrars visit the InterNIC website ( ).domain name registration process registrar domain 相关的主题文章: