you also find sites that are interested in what you’ve written so you can offer to write for them direct. 6. Start a newsletter. When you update your blog 吴敦义国民党主席 731部队影片播出

UnCategorized If you have an internet store, you need to read below for the best things you can do to improve your success. 1. Start a blog. Any kind of Internet business depends on getting traffic from search engines. Google seems to love blogs. Blogs are a type of Internet based, public diary and are a great way to communicate with potential and existing customers and let them get to know you. Blogs are updated often and contain content people want to read. Aim to update your blog at least twice per week and use all the tools at your disposal to get your blog posts out there, for example if you build your blog on word press there are plugins which will tweet your blog automatically. 2. Get an 800 number. Adding a telephone number, especially a toll free number, to your web site increases credibility and may be just as effective as a trust seal but is usually far cheaper. 3. Get statistics. Whatever your budget, there is a form of web statistics which you can afford – some are free. You need to look at statistics to find out how many visitors your site receives, which pages they visit and in what order. Where do they spend their time? For example, if most people get to the checkout page and then leave, there is something about that page which needs to be fixed. 4. Write Good Content. Google is always telling us that the way to improve site ranking is to fill it with good content. Why not take their advice? More pages give you more opportunity to rank well. Think of the keywords you are targeting AND of what people want to know. The combination will make good content. 5. Begin an article marketing campaign. Writing articles is one of the best ways to promote a web based business. The articles are often picked up by other sites which then become linked to yours. Links coming in to your website (called back links) will help to improve your search engine rank. Where relevant sites pick up your articles you’ll become more visible across the web, you also find sites that are interested in what you’ve written so you can offer to write for them direct. 6. Start a newsletter. When you update your blog, use the result to keep in touch with your customers through a newsletter. Don’t simply bombard them with coupons or pleas to buy your products. Send them useful information and build a relationship, customer loyalty will grow and make them predisposed to buy when you do send out a special offer. 7. Open a dialogue with your customers. The web gives us an opportunity to find out what customers want, so use it. Send your customers questions, ask them to comment on your blog; create surveys and send them out. Use the information to refine your products or when choosing new products, when setting prices or when buying inventory. 8. Begin some sort of joint venture. Have you heard the saying: two heads are better than one? Two websites are better than one and so are two mailing lists. If you can work out a deal which is win win, why not add a guest post to someone else blog, or add them to your newsletter, or promote each other to your mailing lists. 9. Tweet. Twitter has caught on, and since promotion can now come in chunks of only 160 characters or so, everyone can cope. Use Twitter the way the big boys use a press release; did you get up this morning? Tweet. Did the sun shine? Tweet. Did you make an unusual sale? Tweet. Wondering what to sell next? Tweet. It’s odd, but it works. 10. Move to drop shipping. Trying to do all of the above can be an overwhelming task when your business is still in its infancy. By making the move to drop shipping you can free up valuable time you spend packing and sending products and free up money which would otherwise be tied up in inventory. You can expand your product base without penalty or additional risk and based on the dialogue with your customers take on new products with little or no expense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: