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Aviation The cultures of Rajasthan are so beautiful and remarkable that one does want to leave the place and go home. Millions of people visit Rajasthan to catch the incredible ancient monuments, forts and palaces, built by historians. In short, words that can best describe Rajasthan are luxury and adventure. While discovering Rajasthans forts and monuments, one gets to know the luxury with which the kings of Rajasthan used to lead their lives. Rajasthan also makes us familiar with the thrilling wildlife safaris, which further take tourists to the unseen and elite areas of the state. One feels the royal aura in the atmosphere and merchandise of Rajasthan which is amazing thing in itself. Some of the popular tourist destinations of Rajasthan which you might love to visit are Ajmer, the famous pink city, Jaipur, Pushkar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and many more. Lets dive deep into these cities and know more about Rajasthan holidays. Jaipur: The pink city of Rajasthan is the true example of beauty and elitism. Jaipur is the city of appealing palaces, forts and lakes. The view which one gets to experience while boating is simply admired by the viewers. Jaipur is also proud part of Indias famous Golden Triangle tours which leads us to stunning places of Delhi and Agra, as well. A trip to Jaipur will give you an idea about how realm previously lived, here in all its glory and fame. Also, the city has some royal hotels here with an amazing dcor. Udaipur: It is an enthralling place jammed with lots of ancient mansions, elegant gardens, parks, majestic palaces, tranquil lakes and forts. Most popular of them, The City Palace is so unique and delicate in itself that it leaves viewers spell bound. One can get glimpse of Rajput and Mughal architecture in The City Palace. Moreover, the fine lanes of the ancient city are really mesmerizing. Jaisalmer: it is yet another beautiful city of Rajasthan with lots of places to discover. The city is frequently referred being connected to the romantic Arabian Nights story. The sandy desert of Rajasthan presents alluring view to the tourist. Jaisalmer also houses ancient forts, established in 1156. Inside the fort, tourist can find incredible architecture which almost looks alive. So, if you are thrilled with this incredible city, make your much wanted trip to Rajasthan. Pushkar: it is the most famous city of Rajasthan. Popular for celebrating Pushkar fair, Pushkar presents an amazing camel safari to its tourist. Imagine having a stunning camel ride across the sandy Thar Desert. The view must have allured you So, to catch the view from closer, pack your bags and head towards Rajasthan, availing Rajasthan tour. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: