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E-Books The students are learning the theory of all the subjects in their schools studies and thereafter in their college studies. There is nobody there to teach them about the psychological skills that a person should own with him. The college teachers would be always serious and the students face many frustrated situations and they are compressed in their minds. They are unable to express their emotions with anyone in spite of their dislike towards them. In the child hood itself the personality should be formed in the positive way with every individual. We would have heard news in the newspapers that the college students who are staying in the hostel commit suicide due to the depression or inability to face the challenges in the life. Hence the organizations conduct psychological personality tests to the candidates before they recruit them to their offices. The people who possess academic and technical knowledge and passed masters degree can also have the drawbacks in their minds to face the challenges in their office environment. The recruiters and officers could easily identify those drawbacks by giving them psychological personality tests in various types. They would ask the questions related to the candidates childhood background, his goals, his inspirational persons and hobbies to know the psychological characters of the person. If a person works in a company he would have to deal with many people who have different qualities and characters. Hence it would be better for him to move with them by passing out the psychological personality tests given by the interviewers. The persons who have temptation towards money and have emotional feelings cannot handle lump sum cash in the office. Hence they would be checked with the type of questions based on money robbing and punishments and the answers are used to analyze the psychology of the person in that subject. The recruiters would ascertain the sincerity and character through these psychological tests. The weak minded people who are sincere in handling money in the bank could become nervous when a terrorist or gunman enters into the bank and robs the bank. The staff has to use the presence of mind at that time. Hence the psychological tests are conducted to test the mental ability and willpower of the candidates at the time of recruiting the staff or banks or any financial institutions. These candidates are screened after they are tested and examined by the unique way of tests. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: