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Sports-and-Recreation I have put together the following five methods to defend yourself in a life or death attack. I will teach you some serious street fighting methods that are guaranteed to dominate and conquer your attacker whether he be bigger, faster, more vicious or deadly. These are the basics when it comes to being prepared for violence and I suggest you take this article seriously. I have been in many fights personally, and these are my following tips: Tip #1 For Street Fighting Self Defense – If you are approached by an armed mugger and you have no weapon on yourself, or know you will be unable to fight back and win, by all means give the guy your wallet. What is the point of being stabbed when you can lose twenty bucks and a couple credit cards? You can’t always be the hero and you will realize living another day is more important. Tip #2 in Street Fighting Self Defense – The styles of fighting you see in the UFC are grounded by rules, judges and a referee. I will agree that alot of mixed martial arts apply to reality self defense but you must realize there wont be a referee getting the guy off of you thats trying to choke you to death. Also and this is probably common knowledge, don’t get tricked into thinking Hollywood television fighting is real. Tip #3 in Street Fighting Self Defense – Actively practice sparring with regular combat exercises with friends or at a martial arts school. Basically you want to feel the impact and feel the stress of being hit. You need to get the fight experience to counter balance someone or throw punches. Just reading about martial arts won’t make you a master it takes constant practice and so does street fighting self defense. Take this lesson seriously. Tip #4 in Street Fighting Self Defense – Always remember that in a self defense street fighting situation you can’t count on the police or friendly citizens to save you. It is entirely up to you to maintain your own personal safety and that means taking lessons or training in martial arts schools. Knowing how to fight is essential and if you don’t have the skills what do you expect when you get attacked and are forced to fight back for your life? Follow these 4 simple street fighting tactics to keep yourself and loved ones safer! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: