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Home-and-Family Plexercise defines play, fitness & fun! In today’s parks, advancements in play and outdoor structures encourage a new movement towards fitness. Designers focus on key points for physical development in full-balance, coordination and climbing to maximize the physical potential of children as well as adults. Core strength, and upper body exercise are some of the most important factors in fitness today. Outdoor playgrounds can provide the perfect techniques for teaching children and parents the healthy habit of making physical fun a part of their daily routine. The parks of today have changed. They no longer solely consist of slides, swings, merry-go-rounds, and seesaw equipment. Modern parks aim toward climbing, spinning, swinging, sliding, and balancing. Plexercise equipment and goals are designed to promote different levels of physical activity that lead to increased strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health. Internet advertisements reflect a Park and Recreation play system standard for outdoor playground equipment. These weather-resistant play structures are crafted to provide school age children with many years of quality enjoyment, but they also promote physical fitness in the child. Slides, tunnels, bump and wave, or spiral designs can enhance core stability, balance, and movement awareness. Due to cost and space savings options, commercial grade slide equipment is often sold independent of playground structures. It also helps relieve congested playgrounds, thus enabling selective equipment installations. Most commercial and school play structures are constructed of conditioned wood, steel, or plastic recycled components. Yet safety must be the foremost criteria for designing and building inventive commercial playground equipment. Vendors recognize that children will experiment and try new activities if given the right equipment. Such learning must happen in an environment that is free of hazards that do not limit a child’s capabilities and enjoyment. The commercial outdoor park system designers are meeting those specifications whether it is in safety, material, or design. The manufacturers of playground equipment must also consider the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991. Due to this Act, a new approach to play systems design has evolved. Now, more than ever, children with disabilities enjoy a greater access to public play areas. Not all playgrounds are the same. While traditional parks continue to provide an exciting evening, you might also explore something new and outside of the box. Zip Lining or indoor/outdoor rock climbing park structures may introduce you to a whole new range of Plexercise based activities. Beanstalk Journey at Catawba Meadows in North Carolina provides one such playground area. They offer a network of fifteen interconnected islands in the sky complete with tree houses, sky bridges and multiple zip lines. In the center of the outdoor facility is 32-foot Beanstalk Climbing Tower and giant Spider’s Climbing Web. Climbers range in age from four and up. The cost is reasonable, and the entertainment excellent. Indoor/outdoor rock climbing can be found, believe it or not, at your local YMCA. For existing members, there are not additional costs. Many Y’s now have an entire climbing room complete with full time facilitators. These sites and many others can be located on the Internet according to your state of residents. Plexercise is the registered trademark of PLAYCORE IP SUB, INC. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: