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Computers-and-Technology So many electronic cigarette brands are now currently surfacing in the world of cigarette industry. It is really a challenge for you, as a consumer, to identify the best electronic cigarette. Of course, if you are a wise buyer, you should be able to research more on the different prices, features, services, and offers of all these electronic cigarette brands, and find out for yourself which is the best electronic cigarette brand. But before coming up with your answer, you should be able to answer these top questions: 1. Would you want to regulate your Nicotine intake when you smoke? If you answer yes, there are various levels of nicotine, depending on the brand of the E-Liquid bottle. Some brands categorize the Nicotines strength through five or six Levels (Level 1, 2, 3…5,6).Other companies that produce E-Liquid solutions classify the nicotine strength by: None, Low, Medium, High, XHigh, XXHigh, and XXXHigh. If you are trying to quit smoking, you may want to try lesser nicotine levels the next time you smoke. In this case, you may get used to a lower level of nicotine intake until youll reach your goal of not wanting to smoke again. 2. Would you like a refillable electronic cartridge, or a disposable one? There are reasons why one would prefer the refillable electronic cigarette than the disposable one. First, its atomizer has a higher quality than the disposable one. The atomizer is responsible for heating the E-Liquid so that it forms water vapor. The mouthpiece and atomizer are reusable. The disadvantage to this is the hygienic concern it brings. Microorganisms might stick to the wetter portions of the electronic cigarette, which are the mouthpiece and atomizer. Electronic cigarettes with disposable cartridges only come in two pieces unlike those with refillable electronic cartridges. That is an advantage since it is easier to pull together and one may not worry about sanitation or hygiene. However, it is more costly since you have to buy the atomizer again. The atomizer for the two piece electronic cigarette is not built to last. 3. What size would you prefer? The best electronic cigarette brand should be able to provide choices for the length of your electronic cigarette. If you are particular with size, there is a shorter and longer battery options for some electronic cigarette brands. 4. What colors would you prefer on your electronic cigarette? If you are a person who is concerned with fashion, you can match the color of your electronic cigarette with what you wear. You might want to discover different colors of the LED light cover, battery, and cartridge or mouthpiece that are offered by different electronic cigarette brands. The best electronic cigarette for you might be that which satisfies your taste for colors. 5. What flavour or flavours would you want to savour? The cartridge is contained by E-Liquid that comes with so numerous flavours to choose from. E-Liquid may be bought in isolated bottles, as a refill in a cartridge, or is already pre-contained in a disposable cartridge. Now, if you have answered these questions, you can already identify the best electronic cigarette for you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: