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Off Site Link building, a creative Technicality I am going to hit you right between the eyes with one more stirring conversation, this time on the premises of external link building. The last issue I addressed was SEO on site, for the most part, you can make your site mapping and internal SEO very easy, through the use of the simple CMS application, WordPress, by altering the permalinks of your pages with a straightforward adjustment of their settings in the admin dashboard, and downloading and activating either All in One SEO or Platinum SEO, as well as a series of plugins that are the topic of another article, from which point forward, your on site SEO is no longer an issue. Even though this simplicity of on site SEO is not available in every CMS, documentation for the creation of on page optimization is available for every content management system. The Next Subject to address briefly, before I write a case study for each method, is External SEO or you link building strategy. And you are correct, the topic is just as exciting as it sounds, but just like you need to have sound on page SEO, if you do not address the issue of external linkbuilding with a certain degree of vigor and a solid plan of attack, the highly desired continual stream of organic search engine generated visitors will not materialize. There are as many opinions about External linkbuilding as there are SEO "guru’s" and the fact of the matter is that there is validity in many different methods of linkbuilding strategy, for that reason I feel you should employ every method you know is viable, while placing some emphasis on certain facets over others. I have gone to the source documents of several famous SEO authors, I bought video tutorial courses with PDF guidebooks explaining the techniques, and I have come up with a strategy that is in process of succeeding. Afford me the opportunity to make a point right now, that all of the supposedly free traffic generation methods I am going to address have a known success factor, you must be certain that the sites where you place your website anchor text on have a degree of quality, Google does penalize sites that are linked to poorly regarded sites. The whole concept of your linking strategy may be compromised by linking to junk sites, you don’t want to live in a bad neighborhood of web networks anymore than you want to have your house in a bad neighborhood. There is a tendency to put a greater emphasis on techniques that can be exploited, and which I know will create good results. I can tell you that the process is time consuming, and given money over time, I would prefer to outsource a few of the less interesting tasks, the resources at each webmaster’s disposal are as varied as the personalities of the domain owners, and the point is, you must build, no matter what it takes. WIth that point made, here is a list of 24 techniques that you can implement in your link building plan of action,. Authority site commenting Blog Commenting Forum commenting Guest authoring, Yahoo answers, .edu and .gov commenting Article directories web directories Social bookmarking PDF directories Press release directories Video Directories PowerPoint directories Podcast directories Web 2.0 Facebook Twitter LinkdIn Hub pages Link Baiting Contest Creation Using each of the above categories will result in a sound link builing category, you will be able to cross your work over some categories. After the completion of social bookmarking for the current pages on a site, all you have to do is keep up with the deep link bookmarking and it sticks for as long as your domain is active, and sometimes longer. Several of these techniques will avail themselves of multiple uses. For example, after you finish writing an article you can immediatly turn it into a Video, powerpoint presentation and a podcast. I have provided more in-depth information on our home blog at 相关的主题文章: