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2016 Sina Home Furnishing outstanding Jiezhuang company selection?? more than home decoration design occupy 70% of the market, to promote the healthy development of the home improvement industry, 2016 Sina launched Home Furnishing outstanding Jiezhuang company selection activities in the country, in recognition of outstanding decorative design companies around the business level, service level, business development aspects of outstanding enterprises, establish a benchmark for the industry to provide. The reference for the majority of owners decoration, and promote design innovation, service innovation. This selection does not charge any fees to the participating. The selection activities attracted the attention and participation of many excellent Jiezhuang enterprises. The following is a large villa in LuxeHome decoration design Engineering Co. Ltd. introduction.   villa LuxeHome decoration design Engineering Co. Ltd.   Logo      enterprise; Suzhou villa LuxeHome decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in April 23, 2009, the company has design B qualification, building decoration engineering contractor level II qualification; large villa Luxuries brand founder by Mr. Wei Zhuang, a by Wei Zhuang design, large villa construction, Umbria soft decoration, villa international high-end R & D center and other professional institutions under. Is a set of professional tooling design, professional home improvement design, professional construction, professional soft accessories as one of the national decorative brand!   as a professional high-end home design company, the overall quality of the home improvement services, more professional design, more standardized construction, more humane services, is our goal. Customer trust is the source of our progress! Create quality, let the real interpretation of works of strength. Better the real work is our most sincere customers to return!   in 2010 by Wei Zhuang selected "exchange space" into the red and blue against the blue team in Suzhou, 80, the style of the Mediterranean style home for the transformation of the audience for 48 hours.   2009 – 2016, works by Wei Zhuang five consecutive selected "space weather station" home exchange column; in many famous Jiezhuang journal and national awards, works for 5 consecutive years by the Jintang Award for best space design, for 2 consecutive years won the "Hunter Douglas Cup" national soft outfit design award TOP mango, for 2 consecutive years won the award, for 4 consecutive years by the Daikin interior design Grand Prix, the 3 consecutive year by the Sohu VAILLANT Cup National Design Competition Gold, silver etc..   business address   R & D center: 80 St. hill, Nanshan Garden opposite two area   urban stores: Lee Gate Road No. 90       honor; 2016IDS international design Pioneer Award, professional group       2015 "Castro Calvino Cup" Chinese (Suzhou) room design interior design annual billboard Award for outstanding contribution to     2015 "Castro Calvino Cup" Chinese (Suzhou) interior design annual billboard top ten award   display space;   2015 – by Wei Zhuang nest award works "Ann ruotai" won the model of the housing space Engineering Award nomination   lattice;相关的主题文章: